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Vargas Best Seasoning is the most flavorful and healthiest way to bring a little Latin flavor to your meals. Made con cariño using only 100% Natural ingredients and all-natural unrefined sea salt. Unlike other seasoning blends, we don't use gluten, artificial chemicals, sugar, or GMOs, and plus it's low in sodium. So you can feel good about using it on everything from chicken to lobster without worrying about your health.

Best Quality

Organic Ingredients, Non-GMO, Plant-based

Flavorful & Healthy

Vegan, Gluten-Free, No Sugar, Low Sodium, Gluten Free


No artificial flavors, preservatives or Chemicals.

More than Flavor

Vargas Best all-in-one seasoning is the best and healthiest way to turn any dish into a fiesta! Just sprinkle a little on whatever you're cooking, and voila!

For far too long, artificial components, sugar, and preservatives have been used in Latin cuisine. We wanted to change that, so we created Vargas Best Seasoning a healthier version of the most famous Latin seasoning. It's made with all-natural spices and herbs, and it's completely sugar-free and preservative-free. Vargas Best Seasoning is the perfect way to add flavor to your food without any guilt. So go ahead and spice up your life!




"This seasoning It's so flavorful and perfect for so many things like chicken, fish, and even rice. I really love how versatile it is and how it can be used in so many different dishes. It's also a great addition to any pantry because it has a long shelf life."

Mary L.

"I love the uniqueness of your seasonings. I have never taste any like this before. They are perfect for so many different dishes and I love how they can bring new flavor to old favorites."

Brenda H.

"This is a great seasoning-we have used it on pork, chicken, hamburgers, fish, turkey, and soup and it improves everything.Additionally,this is an extremely well-managed company.I had a problem with finding the product and the owner herself personally delivered it to me the next morning.It is very rare to find a company that is so customer friendly and accommodating."

Don R.

"Awesome seasoning! I purchased my Vargas Best Seasoning at Walmart in Miami due to a demo they were having. I have used it on fish, chicken, ground bison, and other meats and it is simply flavorful."

Nigel C

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