Our Story

Vargas Best Seasoning is the result of more than 30 years of Culinary Arts of the Chef Blanca Vargas, a certified graduate from the Le Cordon Bleu culinary arts school where she was known by her nickname Mamma Goose due to her helpful and protective character.

One of Blanca biggest achievements It her recognition from the White House for her contributions to improving and diversifying Hispanic cuisine in the United States as part of her many achievements.

She also worked for about 22 years in a children's hospital and she gained a lot of experience as she observed closely how dietitians were creating the meals and recommendations for children with Autism.

The doctors didn't let the children use any seasoning with high chemicals... I was able to figure out what people required and didn't require in terms of food by observing the people around me.... was then when I got the idea to do something healthy that everyone could enjoy in their homes... that inspired me to create the Vargas Best Seasoning receipt

My mother had a restaurant in Guatemala and I always loved fine cuisine... I worked in a fancy restaurant for four years, at that time I wasn't a chef

In Vargas Best Seasoning we know that cooking is more than flavor. It's history, family, traditions, and love. This is why our mission is to enhance your cooking experience by providing you with the best quality and healthiest seasonings, so you can create memorable moments with your friends and loved ones.

Now Blanca has found her mission as a chef and her seasoning reflects that journey.