Best low sodium seasoning & Best low sodium spice
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Best low sodium seasoning & Best low sodium spice

by Bossa Trillion Designs Collaborator on May 28, 2019

I challenge any spice in your kitchen to the best low sodium test

Vargas Best Vs The Rest


My best go-to seasoning because I know it is the best healthy seasoning and All-In-One spice in my kitchen and makes cooking easier. It makes everything taste great, I ran out of Vargas best seasoning so I got a seafood seasoning bottle looked at the back, sodium was 130mg. I remember learning that Vargas best seasoning is only 40mg of sodium which is sea salt which is healthier them table salt, I grab a bottle of Complete seasoning 90mg of table salt, curious I look for another seasoning bottle and found Colonna Grated Parmesan cheese 100mg 4% table salt WOw yeah Just like she Says Best healthy seasoning. I ordered an eight pack from the website and it got here fast, I gave a few as gift to a friends of the family.