Vargas Best Healthy Seasoning 18 oz Family Size – Vargas Best Seasoning

Vargas Best Healthy Seasoning 18 oz Family Size

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Easy to use: Just shake and Apply

Put it on Anything! 


instead of having 5,6,7, bottles of seasoning you just have one bottle, you use it on everything 


sprinkle it on your food you don't need to buy or add anything else

 Vargas Best Seasoning can be used on the following types of meats: 

  • Chicken

  • Pork

  • Beef

  • Turkey

  • Any type of Fish or Lobster or Crab and more...

As far as veggies, you can sprinkle this right on cooked misted with olive oil or another variation of healthy oils and sprinkle Vargas Best Seasoning on top of veggies, or add One tablespoon of VBS to One pound of Sour-cream or fat-free Sour-cream and mix thoroughly into an Amazing Dip.

If you add bread crumbs and flour you can bread meats or veggies like eggplant with VBS.


Ingredients: Onion, Garlic, Black & Red Pepper, Paprika, cumin, Sea Salt and other Natural Spices.

    Customer Reviews

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    Amanda Shires
    Best seasoning and phenomenal company

    I’ve been a devotee of this seasoning since we lived in the Florida keys and it was recommended there by friends. We could buy it in our local Winn Dixie there. I’ve since moved to Tennessee and share with family and friends who love it. I use it on grilled zucchini and squash. I add it to any casserole, and it’s amazing on sautéed brussle sprouts. I also have used it on fish chicken and steaks with fabulous reviews! Folks are always asking me how I made the “healthy food” taste so good. Vargas is my absolute favorite go to seasoning. I recommend it to everyone.

    Leana Taylor

    Love this seasoning!!!

    DeMitt Rutledge
    10 Years of Vargas And Counting

    What can you NOT say about Vargas ! ! ! It hits all the boxes ! ! ! You can easily toss it on Steak, in a burger mix, as a Rub, on Popcorn, Chicken, Pork - even on potatoes and it'll remind you every time as to why you went with Vargas ! ! ! We usually get the 18oz size and a good tip is to save the very last but if the mix, which is mostly salts at that point-to keep to use as a Seasoned Salt and it NEVER disappoints ! ! ! Thanks for keeping our mouths Happy over the last 10 years and we look forward to 10 more ! ! ! !

    Matt Eberle
    Love it

    I used it primarily on chicken and seafood for the first 2 years of using it. Delicious! THEN, I tried it on beef! it is the best!