8 Pack Vargas Best Healthy Seasoning 8 Pack (9 oz) – Vargas Best Seasoning

8 Pack Vargas Best Healthy Seasoning 8 Pack (9 oz)

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Pay same shipping for eight 9 oz bottles

  • All Natural
  • Healthy Seasoning
  • No Chemicals No Preservatives
  • Easy to use, Just shake and apply
  • Only 2% of sodium (sea salt)
  • 8 packets! of 9 oz classic size

Easy to use: Just shake and Apply

All Purpose Seasoning = Put it on Anything!  

Instead of having 5,6,7, bottles of seasoning you just have 1 bottle, you use it on everything.

Sprinkle it on your food you don't need to buy or add anything else.

Vargas Best Seasoning can be used on the following types of meats: 

  • Chicken

  • Pork

  • Beef

  • Turkey

  • Any type of Fish or Lobster or Crab and more...

As far as veggies, you can sprinkle this right on cooked misted with olive oil or another variation of healthy oils and sprinkle Vargas Best Seasoning on top of veggies, or add One tablespoon of VBS to One pound of Sour-cream or fat-free Sour-cream and mix thoroughly into an Amazing Dip.

If you add bread crumbs and flour you can bread meats or veggies like eggplant with VBS.


Ingredients: Onion, Garlic, Black & Red Pepper, Paprika, cumin, Sea Salt and other Natural Spices.

Customer Reviews

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Healthy alternative

I have tried this seasoning on every meat from ribs, to skirt steak, pork loins, steak, chicken, eggs, beans, add it to coconut oil to make an easy dressing on salads. Tried the dip with pound of the fat-free sour cream and that was absolutely delicious. Omelettes and added to bread crums to make a unique breading agent for your egg plants, or any meat to want to bread. Amazing taste that allows all the different meats to still be enjoyed, while backdropping the perfect salt point and take all the guess work out of cooking, while getting endless praise for the food which never leaves any leftovers.

Sharon Doyon
Great turn around time and an amazing seasoning!

We ordered the 8-pack of seasoning and it was shipped to my doorstep within a few days. Great service. Not to mention that this is the best seasoning ever!!!

Shawn Riles

Awesome seasoning very low sodium a major plus!!!

Simply the Best

Well it’s not the first time I order and I keep on te ordering because I love it. Everyone at my house loves it as well. To be honest, this is the only ingredient I add to my food.


I use this seasoning on basically everything I cook. Its very healthy and could be used in anything. I'm happy I was able to purchase this product.