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About Us

Best Seasoning - healthy seasoning - Low sodium seasoning - All Natural seasoning
Vargas best seasoning, Is a seasoning that is completely natural, 100% chemicals free and also is low in sodium, using only non-GMO spices and sea salt to make her recipe. Rich an flavorful and aromatic mixture that enhances the flavor of any food it is combined with. 

Our Story 

  • Vargas Best Seasoning is the result of more than 30 years in Culinary Arts' experience of the Chef Blanca Vargas, a certified graduated from the "Le Cordon Bleu culinary arts school" where she was known by her nickname "Mamma Goose" due to her helpful and protective character.

  • One of the biggest rewards that Blanca has is the recognition awarded to her in the White House for her contributions to the enrichment and diversification of the Hispanic gastronomy in the USA.

 Chef Blanca Vargas:

Chef Blanca Vargas Founder Vargas Best seasoning

"... My mother had a restaurant in Guatemala and I always have like fine cuisine..." "...I worked in a fancy restaurant for at least four years, at that time I wasn't a chef though..." recalls 'Mama Goose'.

She also worked for about 22 years in a children’s hospital and she gained a lot of experience as she observed closely how dietitians were creating the meals and recommendations for children with Autism. "...The doctors didn't let the children use any seasoning with high chemicals... ... also I learned from them  what people needs and don't need to be eating... ... was then when I got the idea to do something that was healthy and that everyone could enjoy it in their homes... …that was what inspired me to create the Vargas Best Seasoning recipe..."